Images of America, California, PA

The California Area Historical Society is proud to be a part of the IMAGES OF AMERICA SERIES in conjunction with the Arcadia Publishing Co. New Hampshire. In the spring of 2003 we published a pictorial history called ” IMAGES OF AMERICA SERIES: CALIFORNIA, PENNSYLVANIA” .

Spanning approximately 1860-1970, the subject matter of the photos includes historical events, street scenes, storefronts, residences, industries, and churches, among other items. Photographs in the book relate to the history of California, Blainesburg, Coal Center, East Pike Run, Newell, West Brownsville, and West Pike Run.

To obtain a copy of the history, please E-mail the CALIFORNIA AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY at or call the Historical Society at 724.938.3250 during scheduled hours.

Available at the Gallagher House

CAPS, dark blue with gold print: $10
T-SHIRTS, dark blue with gold print: $10
SWEATSHIRTS, dark blue with gold print: $10
HOODIES, dark blue with gold print, front pockets: $25
VINTAGE SLATES, depicting aerial views of California & Coal Center. Approximately 9X15 inches: $25
VINTAGE SLATER stand for display purpose: $5
CROCKS, Crafted by Phil Schaltenbrand of Westerwald Pottery: $12
(Colors choices: blue and gray: or green and gray.)
PUBLICATION, IMAGES OF AMERICA: CALIFORNIA, PENNSYLVANIA. A pictorial history published by Arcadia Publishing and the Society, 2003. Contains 227 photos: $19.95